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OK, time to come clean, when I say "us", I mean me and the missus. Yes, at the moment there's just the two of us (as Bill Withers once sang). I do the Unix stuff and my wife graciously helps out with the admin side.

So a bit of history. I've been in the IT industry around 17 years now. I started off on IBM mainframes but for the past eight years I've been specialising in Unix. I've worked on all the main flavours of SVR4 Unix and more recently with Linux. My main areas of expertise are HP-UX, Solaris and Linux though I've also worked with Tru64, AIX, Irix, DG/UX and NCR Unix. I am a HP certified HP-UX System Administrator and a Red Hat Linux Certified Engineer.

For the last three years I've been working through my own company as a freelance Unix System Administrator and consultant. I've worked for an ISP, in the Retail sector, for a Pharmaceutical giant, a Disaster Recovery firm and one of the biggest world wide banks.

My CV is available online for your perusal.

I am available by the hour, day or for a longer term package. As a small company, flexibilty is not a problem. Contact us regarding cost.

If you've got more questions, please email me.

See our Unix Admin Centre . Loads of tips, procedures and articles on most flavours of Unix and Linux. Including System Adminstration, networking, scripts and databases.

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