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"Welcome to Intronet Computers Limited"

Introducing ourselves - your questions answered

Intronet Computers? Never heard of them. Well you have now! We're a Unix consultancy by the way, based in the UK.

Well that's not much good to me, I live in Port Orford, Oregon, USA! No problem, for the appropriate renumeration, we'll visit you in Port Orford to help with your Unix problems.

Appropriate renumeration! Yeah, right! Does it look like I'm made of money? To roll out an old cliche, it may not cost as much as you think. One thing's for sure anyway, it won't cost as much as visit from your HP or Sun consultant.

Maybe, but at least HP or Sun know what they're doing. So do we. We've got many years experience in the IT industry and use certified professional Unix specialists.

What about linux? Yeah, good isn't it. Oh, I see what you mean. When I say certified Unix specialists, I mean Linux as well. We've got Linux certified professionals too.

So what exactly do you do with Unix? We specialise in building and configuring servers,maintaining them, security, performance tuning, installing software, scripting, backups, DR, you name it.

OK, optimising my sybase queries. Come on, that's not Unix. What we can do is install sybase for you, optimise the Unix kernel for sybase and backup/recovery for you databases.

Well, I'll think about it. Fine. If you do want to know more, check out our details. You can also email us.

See our Unix Admin Centre . Loads of tips, procedures and articles on most flavours of Unix and Linux. Including System Adminstration, networking, scripts and databases.

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